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Lucille Carter



"Back in 1992, I became a part time Travel Agent working as an Outside Agent for an Agency in Sacramento, while working for the State of California.  I had a real job and a fun job, so when I retired from my “real” job, I used my “fun” job to establish Carter Country Travel in early 2000.


Carter Country Travel is not one of those mega agencies that only cares about numbers.  We’re small, and our main focus is on customer satisfaction.  We thrive to see that our client’s return from vacation with lifetime memories, and anxious to plan the next vacation.  


My passion is travel.  By traveling to destinations I learn about their culture and tourism. I have not been any place that I don’t like.  I am just as passionate about my clients travel.  I live my dreams through their experiences. I get excited when a client wants to travel to a destination that I don’t know.  This forces me to study and research all I can to become an expert on another destination.   I am a Master Cruise Counselor, and am a certified specialist for Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, and Special Needs Travel.


I have been fortunate to have visited 40 country’s, have been on the 31 cruises, and have been to 30 of our 50 states.   My bucket list is still pretty long, but my first priorities are my clients.  “Customer satisfaction if my primary goal.”"




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Dinah Withrow




"I Grew up in the Philippines, met and married my husband there and moved to the United States to live close to his family. For nearly forty-five years we have lived in Sacramento where I attended both Consumes River College and Sacramento State University. I developed my love for travel during the years we were working and raising our family. We traveled the country as much as we could during vacations with our two girls in our small camping van. It was rough but also fun and exciting.


Today, I work as a travel specialist with Carter Country Travel. It is a cozy mom and pop agency but financially stable, profitable and inspiring. People in the business of travel are generally supportive and excellent at providing the necessary tools so that we can do our jobs well given the ever-changing rules and regulations of the travel industry. Carter Country Travel is an agency that has been in the travel business for over fifty-five years and I have been working with them now for seven years. I earned the agency’s top producing agent award in 2009 and 2012 and I hope to do even better in the coming years. I am passionately in love with what I do. It is a pleasure helping friends, relatives and clients visit the places they dream about and I experience the thrill of being there with them as well. The client’s wants and needs are my first priority next only to their safety. I always make sure that all documents are fulfilled and all travel arrangements are met, so that my clients are comfortable to enjoy their vacations worry free.  I have an open door policy whereby my clients can call the agency or me any time. I will always be there for them.


Incidentally for me, the biggest reward in this business is to know that my clients come back home safe and sound, excited and wanting to speak with me again to plan their next dream vacation."


Giselle Travel Academy Graduate

Special Needs Group certified

Princess Cruise Line Graduate

Philippines Specialist

Panama Specialist

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Takako Fujioka

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